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Product Brand: Bridgebrooke
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Manufactured in Suffolk from UK recycled clean wood residues, offcuts and sawdust, these heatlogs don't expand when burning, last much longer than other types of heatlogs and are great value.


  • Made from 100% compressed recycled UK clean wood
  • Easy and clean to handle, easy to stack/store
  • Suitable for all stoves, fireplaces, firepits and chimineas
  • Easy to light, burns well, throws off good heat, safe (no expansion during burning)
  • Low ash residue, no soot, keeps stoves, cassette fires and chimneys clean
  • Low moisture content - normally around 5% (average wood log moisture content is between 25-50%)
  • No spitting or sparking
  • Great used alone or with regular fuel type
  • Bridgebrooke heatlogs are 65mm wide x 200mm length
  • Approx. weight of pack of 10 logs = 8.5-9kg. Please note - Due to a change by the manufacturers, these products are now supplied with 10 in a pack and not 12. They are also now larger in size.

Benefits of heat logs

Because they are made up from sawdust or similar very small pieces and compacted, the resulting log will be homogeneous i.e. consistent in composition and quality, and will always be very dry with a moisture content below 10%. Every log will therefore be the same and almost guaranteed in quality with a very high heat output. Many people regard them as a major step forward from standard wood logs, but this is generally when compared with wet logs. Being so dry, the energy output per volume is very high, therefore storing heat logs is efficient on space.

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