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About Us

Established in 2015

All our timber comes from local managed woodlands. We split & store the logs undercover to allow air to circulate and enhance the seasoning process ensuring a high quality product.

Using firewood for heat and fuel is better for our environment as burning logs is carbon neutral because as a tree grows, it takes in CO2 which is then released, as it is either burnt or rots down naturally.

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Log Journey

There is a surprising amount of work that goes in to getting logs from the woodland to your home. In fact by the time you put a log on your fire it will have already been handled at least five times!

Felling the tree: All our logs come from trees felled in sustainably managed woodlands in the South of England

Forwarding: Once the selected trees have been felled, the wood can be collected by a tractor, driven to the woodland edge (“forwarded”) and unloaded again where the stack will begin seasoning and await collection.

Haulage: A timber lorry can then collect the wood from the woodland edge and transport it to our yard where it will be stacked again and await processing.

Processing: The timber can then be cut into logs and left to continue drying.

Delivering: Your order is received and the logs are loaded onto our vehicle for delivery to your home.

  • Great service!

    Great logs, burn with heat! Great service! Usually arrive within a few days and always on the day and time promised. Highly recommend South Coast Firewood!

    B Jones, Southsea / November 2016

  • Will definitely reorder!

    Purchased these briquettes last week, they are fab! Great quality and value for money. Perfect for small open fires!

    Sam Pitman, Petersfield / August 2015

  • Very pleased customer

    Lad who delivered them was very helpful, the logs are excellent and a 100 times better than other suppliers we have used, from now on we will always use South Coast Firewood.

    Mark, Portsmouth / September 2014